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    The enterprise culture

    Corporate mission

    Create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, creating wealth for the society

    Enterprise vision

    Take root in China, global service, one hundred enterprises, creating world brand
    • The core values

      Achievement customers, people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence, first as a whole.

    • Achievement of customer

      To create satisfaction for customers

      Market-oriented, rapid response to customer demand; Accurate prediction is the trend of the development of the industry, further grasp the customer demand, innovative technology and excellent products to meet customer required, with first-class high standards of professional quality and quick services to create customer satisfaction.

      Through continuous improvement, the operating mechanism of the external demand accurately and efficiently to the company value chain of each link, through close cooperation with, improve the enterprise's ability to response market demand.

      Provide effective services to the customers, is the direction of our work and value evaluation scale, achievement on the customer is our own.

    • With the person this

      Respect for employees, pay attention to employee needs; Discover potential employees, guide staff career development.

      Provide full, fair development opportunities and platform; Improving professional skills and increase their value.

      Allows investors to obtain continuous competitive returns

      Investors is an important force to promote the company healthy and rapid development.

      Respect for and protection of rights and interests of investors, improve the company profit ability and level, make investors get good returns.

    • The pursuit of excellence

      Our motivation is to constantly improve yourself

      Innovation is the goal we pursue

      Continuously optimize and perfect service is our tenet

      Improving customer satisfaction is our biggest wish

    • The whole first

      Quality first

      Science and technology innovation

      With the person this

      The good faith management

      The service is supreme

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